this is an ode on bikeshares:

after breakfast in queens, we donned our helmets and headed to grand central station to rent big awkward blue bikes.  we biked around manhattan streets with stupid grins, then across the williamsburg bridge to meet brooklyn.  we travelled through the epicenter of the universe and stopped by allswell for lunch and beer.  then we biked onward, rebooted and beerhappy, to dumbo and the waterfront at brooklyn bridge park.  it proved impossible to look at the glorious brooklyn bridge and not bike across it, so we picked up one last blue bike and made the pilgrimage, weaving our way though throngs of bridgewalkers back to manhattan.              

it was the best possible first day in new york, and i will be planning all future vacations based on bikeshare options.  please, check out this fabulous directory of bikeshare articles.  or look HERE for new york specific information or HERE for minneapolis niceride!

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