we rode halfway up the mountain on top of a snowcoach to eat dinner in a lovely yurt. ate by lantern light with anesthesiologists from new york city, served mashed potatoes and chocolate fondu by waiters wearing headlamps. fit on a sled with both of my parents and crashed into a snowbank.

it's a new family goal to eat dinner in as many strange tent scenarios as possible. a few years ago we ate christmas dinner in this circus tent in germany. i like the idea of dinners so strange we could never forget them.


mumsey and pops are in big sky for a visit. i have a lot of winter adventure photos to wade through, but not now. there's a hot tub outside and a glass of malbec with my name on it.


on the road in montana.
i remember when i could just walk down the road to buy groceries...



"an adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered." -g.k. chesterton
i need a pick-me-up. it's february.