these are the last of the roadtrip photos. we spent several quiet days in washington and then parted ways. i got on a greyhound in seattle and went east sans partner-in-crime.

..now i'm in minneapolis for a bit, catching my breath..


this is what 24 looked like.


morale was not great after the car fire fiasco, but northern california is UNREAL. we drove highway 1 in our awkward rental car, walked on so many beaches, cooked dinner and learned arabic with our wonderful bohemian queen of a couchsurfing host. i will go back.


and so it was that we left our burned up car in berkeley, sad and totaled, and headed up the coast in a rental car.


life after montana is just delicious. we ate our way across san francisco, and when the inside of cyndi's car caught on fire and left us stranded in berkeley, we ate some more. Injera and phở and veggie burgers and sweet potato ice cream!!

it's been a bizarre and traumatizing couple of days. we've imposed on some very nice californians and learned a lot about insurance claims.

but every story needs rising action ?


in sacramento we had dinner with the albuquerque roller derby team. they explained the rules to us over beers, sugar-packets and salt shakers as visuals. the next morning we watched our friends Led Zippyn and Brutalitaur skate against Sacred City and got pretty damned worked up about it.


i wished i had something sparkly to wear in reno.
my swimsuit and my flannel were more fit for lake tahoe.


i tasted a chunk of the great salt desert.
desert is VERY strange for a minnesota girl.