we are pretty excited about this mobility.
listening to blakroc and willie nelson.
south through Idaho to Park City, Utah.


for my two weeks in East Glacier it was intensely autumn, sometimes winter. but today i'm in helena in the glorious sunshine. we ate breakfast on the lawn this morning. i dug some shorts out of the trunk and we hiked in the hills.

tomorrow we set off on the great american road trip...


scenes from a dysfunctional seasonal family.


since swiftcurrent closed for the winter:

i live in a shitty little town on the reservation
and sort bins of hotel towels all day.
or i stand in front of an ironing machine,
wait for pillow cases to come out,
put them into a bin.
i will not be photographing this scene.
it's too grim.

in four days i ESCAPE.
drive to helena, drive to california, drive to seattle.
the next two months will be most excellent.


emma and the germans came to visit Swiftcurrent last week, and we hiked in the bitter cold. then traveled to Missoula for a recordshop fix, thai food, cheap beer and cardamom ice cream. and now i'm a little homesick for Minneapolis and a little homesick for Freiburg.

Swiftcurrent closes on Sunday, and then i'll be homesick for this place too.


the hiking guidebook told us to allow three days to hike the 31 miles from logan's pass to goat haunt. but instead we donned our thriftstore polyester and several packs of glowsticks and hiked it overnight. we hiked in the brightest moonlight in the history of night-time.

once in a lifetime.