this is what 27 looked like.

i'm spending my birthday in missoula, montana this year.
so far 28 looks mountainous and sensational.


my last day in new york was sister's birthday, and so we took bikes on the train to the south tip of brooklyn and biked along the waterfront.  and when i got a flat tire, the birthday girl got her hands dirty and showed me her mad bike repair skills.  pop up bike shop.

we ended our ride at the coney island boardwalk where we walked on the beach and had a little clam snack before catching the train home.

and then i flew back to minnesota, to wrap things up and pack things up and say my goodbye-for-nows.  i'm currently taking the very long route to summit county, colorado.  taking the new car on his first roadtrip, visiting some girlfriends, mooching some couches.



a private bitchtits show, just for me.  


1-4) the requisite ferry ride to staten island
5-7) walk downtown manhattan


these are sister's new digs in queens
and that is my nephew cat, crazy eyes


the magical MoMA.




i owe my faithful penpal kelly for recommending a walk on the highline.  it used to be an old rail line, but it's been repurposed as a public park, hovering above the streets of manhattan's west side.  it's smart and pretty, and there is even a winebar.  well played, new york.  well played.    

find the official website of the highline and friends of the highline, here!