on monarch mountain yesterday.

we made fast friends with the mountain staff, with our fannypack speaker system and our plethora of delicious beverages. the snow is soft, and the sun is warm, and i am finally learning to ski backwards! it's a damn shame spring does't last forever.


it's an EQUINOX!

the photos i snapped today are all pretty dreary, and there are definitely no leaves emerging in copper yet - this photo is in wisconsin, in some other spring.

i feel good about this rocky mountain spring though. i'm headed to Winter Park tomorrow to ski with some girlfriends, and hopefully drink some beach-y cocktails on a deck in the sunshine, and definitely work on my ski-goggle-tan. happy spring, folks.


this is how march began, visiting sister in southern illinois!
superbly warm weather, biking and roller skating and strolling in the shawnee national forest, new cat friends, a jam session, board games and wine, the hunger games trilogy, and delicious homecooked food for a change...

my last morning we drank coffee on the front porch in short sleeves, and it was very hard to drive that rental car back to the airport and fly back to the snow. but at least things are starting to feel springlike in copper mountain, and who doesn't love springlike??