today is a lesson in rolling with the punches.


my road trip ended two hours outside of yellowstone, where my car died on the highway.
the AAA rep asked me for landmarks to determine my location, and i told him "mountain," "fence," "grass"...
he was calling from new jersey and has apparently never been to Wyoming.
the tow truck found me just fine though, and now i'm waiting around in cody, fingers crossed for an easy fix.


i leave yellowstone tomorrow.  my summer in wonderland is over, and i'm saying goodbye for quite a while i think.  the next time i'm in yellowstone, i want to be a traveler instead of a xanTerrorist, and i want to backpack into the interior and climb electric peak and sit down and drink coffee in a restaurant instead of serving it.  dream big.

i'm embarking on a little roadtrip tomorrow, and in just three days i'll be sitting on sister's couch in southern illinois, drinking wine and petting the nephew cat.  and then minneapolis.  and then puerto rico. 

tomorrow my life is starting all over again.  again.    


(from storm point)

the old faithful inn closes tomorrow.
i am soon unemployed and set free.
i just have to deep clean a restaurant
before adventure time.


yellowstone lake


roosevevelt lodge 
cabinlife on film 


the beartooth highway on film
july 2012


we hiked sleeping bags and cold beer up the mountain overlooking grand prismatic spring 
and upped the ante on both hammocking spots and afternoon naps.  


i just got back from missoula, where i dropped a friend off for her first montana winter.
we ran a ton of errands, drank pints at the kettlehouse taproom, and said goodbye for now.
and i got a bunch of film developed.  these are from this weekend in yellowstone and montana.