alisa's glacier goddess birthday in the forest.


this is work.
for two and a half more weeks.
then ?


Snowmoon Lake with Spaniards.
my first hike after nearly two weeks laid up with a gnarly (probably poisonous) spider bite. and i am so glad to be back on my feet and back on a mountainside. in the meantime, mother dearest has sent dozens of spider traps, and maintenance has lent me some contraband Raid. spiders be damned.


this is home.


Devin invited us to the west side last weekend for his campsite-warming-party. i have never seen camping in such epic proportions. we sat on pickle buckets and made s'mores with seasalt chocolate, drank stella and listened to LCD. if my plans for september don't materialize, i'm tempted to move out there too.


i have been obsessed with mt. gould for years now, and last week i finally stood on top. we drank some summit-jagermeister and did a giddy little happydance, then climbed down in the dark. a major life goal accomplished, feels nice.


siyeh pass and piegan pass, fueled by twan's legendary hummus/snap pea sandwiches.


three days sitting in the flathead river, building bonfires on the beach, drinking champagne from nalgene bottles. we wish Cyndi had birthdays more often.


walked on a glacier. summitted Angelwing. slid down some snowfields on my ass. met six grizzly bears and a train of scared tourists. every day is epic.