april 19th: leaving a wintery copper mountain
april 20th: waking up to a very green minneapolis


these are the last of my photos from utah. on the drive home i stopped on the utah/colorado border to visit dinosaur national monument. i started off on a little stroll to stretch my legs and ended up hiking for almost two hours because it was so beautiful and so hot and so unlike home.

tomorrow is my last day in colorado. i spent today skiing at arapahoe basin with friends from the restaurant, getting in a few last turns before handing my skis off to a friend to store for the summer. now i'm packing my life into rubbermaids and defrosting my mini fridge. i secretly love packing, and after four years of vagabonding, i've gotten pretty good at fitting everything into my mini car. crank the "pretty lights" and getterdone.


on friday i drove down the mountain towards Utah and found summer. there were green buds and flowering trees and a few forsythia bushes along the way that made me should out loud. in Park City i bought armloads of easter goodies, and we drank wine and cooked food and decorated eggs and watched chick flicks and nibbled on cadbury cream eggs and sunbathed and drank schooners at O'Shucks and strolled in the woods and went out for sushi.

these are from our easter brunch at the Road Island Diner in very rural utah. i ordered a meatloaf sandwich and a hot fudge shake, and it was exactly right.

today is closing day in copper mountain, and after a completely snowless spring, today it's dumping snow. there is some serious partying in my future. and tomorrow begins my seasonal unemployment. no work until June. here goes...