so far 26 looks like this: las vegas on a point and shoot. kinda tacky, kinda drunk, kinda fabulous.


this is what 25 looked like.


mumsey and sister in Duluth, Minnesota.

our trip was swell. we wandered on the rock slabs at artist's point and ate lake superior fish and drank "kayak K├Âlsch" and bought sweet woodcuts. this is my only trip photo for now, because i am not quite proficient at my new MacBook (!!). and there's no time to develop film yet - because i'm headed to VEGAS in the morning!



right now: i'm sitting next to lake superior!
it's a north shore trip with mumsey and sister.
honestly, this lake gives glacier NP a run for it's money.


it's fall in the city!


last week my girlfriends and i crawled out of the forest and went on a roadtrip.

everything is so delicious and luxurious after a remote mountain summer. we went out for delectable breakfasts and drank espresso drinks at sidewalk cafes. we toured breweries in the afternoon, or went on waterslides. at nite we curled up in hotel rooms with wine and snacks and chickflicks (and internet! what a novelty!) we rolled into minneapolis with bags full of south dakota souvenirs, like my new ViewMaster.

at the end of it, i had to say goodbye to two of the best girlfriends i will ever have
(until we meet up in vegas at the end of this month!)


i'm cleaning out drawers at my mom's house today, and i found these old film shots, from a dogsledding/xxskiing/snowshoeing trip i took in college. it's indian summer here in minneapolis - i biked around in shorts today and needed to stop for iced tea. winter is actually starting to sound lovely, isn't it?


these are the last from glacier summer.
i'm in minneapolis with family, and frankly, it's wonderful to walk in the flatland for a change.
i went to the mall of america yesterday and bought a blazer. o sweet civilization.