summer in the city in full swing.

i'm excited about biking and rollerblading on all the epic bike trails in minneapolis.  i'm excited about farmers markets.  i'm excited about lake swimming.  i'm excited about home cooking (after five summers of unsavory national park cafeteria food).  

i'm even excited about nannylife, though it's fairly beige and not that photogenic.  i'll bring my camera along one of these days...      


this is montana.  

and for a complete change of pace: tomorrow i start my minneapolis nanny job.  


i just got back from montana after a month of deep-cleaning historic hotels and hiking around glacier national park.  i kinda can't believe i ever left this place.  it is undoubtably the most fun place in the world.

these are from glacier view mountain in the whitefish range.  
one summit, six people, three growlers of IPA.