i'm working as a housekeeping inspector in big sky, montana. it snowed for seven days straight, and my car is buried under many feet of snow. there's no interent in my condo, so things may get sporadic.


goodbye minneapolis, it's been real.


delicious dinner with sister last night. then rollerskating.
tomorrow i drive to to montana, into so much snow. i packed a shovel.

i'm very used to leaving this city, but it doesn't get easier.


today i'm packing for a full year in montana. woah.

no one needs to see a picture of packing chaos, so here's one from our first snow instead. i was at the cabin when the snow started, and it was the perfect cozy place to be.


minneapolis on film.


three weeks in minneapolis flying by.
i've been busy catching up, riding bikes, reading books, unpacking and repacking, feeling a little frazzled about things.

our indian summer ended yesterday, and i'm surprised how nice this blizzard feels. a good thing too, because there is a lot of snow in my future.

happy weekend :)


i just got a roll of film developed from my new analog camera, a yashika fx-2 that i have no clue how to operate. this project has me feeling very much like a child of the digital age - i can't even get the film out of the damn camera without help. but i am so in love with the aesthetic of shooting film, i am going to keep trying.

most of the roll was awful, but i think these two are nice. i miss these faces!


autumn in minneapolis.