on the hill behind roosevelt lodge.
yesterday we bought fancy backpacking hammocks and went hammock camping in Hyalite Canyon.  we woke up this morning under a dusting of ash and were evacuated for a nearby forest fire.  extreme hammocking.


my new favorite toy is the disposable waterproof camera.

pictured: adventures in the firehole river and the boiling river, yellowstone national park, wyoming


on top of Huckleberry Mountain in the Bridger-Teton Wilderness.    

on a clearer day we would have seen the tetons, but it was still magical.  we slept in an old fire lookout, abandoned by the Forest Service since 1957 and since stocked with sleeping bags and lanterns and assorted treasures left by fellow hikers.  another life dream realized :)  


on the blacktail creek trail last weekend.


mumsey and pops are on the road back to minnesota after some family adventure time in yellowstone.   we rented a boat and went fishing on yellowstone lake, soaked in the boiling river and swam in the firehole, ate a nice dinner at the lake hotel, went wolf watching in the lamar valley at sunrise, hiked mount washburn and a couple of little trails around roosevelt, saw lots of hot springs and even more asian tourists.  i am freckled and suntanned and feeling refreshed...just in time for the end-of-season hustle!


last weekend in jackson hole:
we went swimming in the tetons, ran into toby keith at the million dollar cowboy bar, ate corn dogs and watched pig wrestling at the teton county fair, saw "moonrise kingdom" and felt warm fuzzies all over.

during the week, however:
roosevelt is too damn hot, and it's turning people crazy.  we are overworked in the restaurant, and i have developed a nasty allergic reaction to my company-issued bolo tie.  i grow weary of rambunctious coworkers partying outside my cabin window.  can't wait for mumsey and pops to visit in 9 days!