today i hit the road for wyoming.  i'm camping in the badlands tonite, then driving through montana to my new yellowstone home.  i do wish i could pack minneapolis into my truck.  take it vagabonding.  unpack it somewhere mountainous.  



the bride wore cowboy boots.  the ceremony was short and made me cry.  we ate brisket and drank homemade margaritas.  we danced redfaced in the hot wind on the veranda.  they smashed a scorpion on the dancefloor right in front of my bare feet, then laughed and called me a yankee when i squealed and ran for my shoes.  yay texas.

(three points ranch in the texas hill country)


i spent most of yesterday in the sky.  
flew home from texas after a wedding in the hill country and a few extra days exploring austin.  i saw several scorpions, one soon-dead rattlesnake, about seventy breakfast tacos, and a particularly lovely bride.  photos to come.  


minneapolis on film.  


postcards from the city.

a little bit of uptown
and the sculpture garden
and lake of the isles
and the mayday parade


it's the most wonderful time of the year!
dinner at sea salt in minnehaha park
strolling the downtown farmers' market
dandelion kitchen foodcart deliciousness 


from our dreary wisconsin weekend: i cozied up in the cabin and got lost in the last two little house on the prairie books, and now i wish there were about twenty more of them.  and there was a hotdog roast in the backyard, some trivial pursuit by the wood stove, a trip to the caddie woodlawn house, a lot of napping, and a little bit of a dive-bar hop.  now i've got pioneers and farmer boys and merle haggard on the brain...

happy mayday folks!
(and happy birthday pops!)