staying with friends in helena, mt


the last from big winter...

i packed my life up in record time and said goodbye to Big Sky yesterday morning.
my hand seems to be healing itself (thank treesus) so i'm still planning on glacier in a week.
i'm relaxing in helena this week and very excited to see green grass.


it was just me and my new skis this week. we're in a relationship. there was fresh powder all day thursday, and it was magical. and then i flew through the air (with the greatest of ease!), landed on my thumb, and ended ski season with an unappetizing crunch.

was i having too much fun again? the universe needed to cut me down a notch?

so now i'm learning how to button a shirt with one hand. and the month of may, once so anticipated, is up in the air. shit.


(big sky on a point-n-shoot IV)

lots of april snow and a little april sun.
brand new fat-skis from the tax return fairy.
plenty of days off to rock said fat-skis.
several nights of debauchery with visiting girlfriends.
big montana burgers for a couple of (used-to-be) vegetarians.
only two weeks left to soak up the winterlove.

yes, i love winter now.
and yes, it is definitely still winter in montana.