two more road trips, and the most incredible february i've ever had...

1) & 2) back to Steamboat Springs
3) the amazing Crested Butte



dear family and friends, i do owe you an update.

the last few weeks have been a spectacular blur of snow and beer.  i said "best day ever" about six days consecutively this week, and it just keeps getting better.

mumsey and pops were here for a long weekend.  the only photos i took were on film - film that i accidentally and stupidly exposed at a party this weekend - so i can't show you just how much fun we had.  but i can tell you that we drove to Glenwood Springs and soaked in the hotsprings there.  we went cross-country skiing in a winter wonderland.  we ate delicious lambchops at relish, and german sausages at prost, and étouffée at the lost cajun.  we ice skated on the pond (and simultaneously watched an on-ice nighttime mountain bike race!).  and we of course drank some wine and watched hockey in our hotel room.      

the snow has finally picked up around here in the last week, so i've spent every non-working moment on the mountain.  or on other mountains.  we roadtripped to Winter Park and Steamboat this week, chasing storms.  my knees are achy, and my face is sunburned, but morale is high, folks.  life is good.

love from colorado,

hope february treats y'all well!