it's blizzarding again, like every day this week. this morning i dug up some pictures of spring in freiburg, looking for relief from this monochrome. last spring was incredible. i don't think i have a spring to look forward to this year. montana jumps from winter to summer with insane rapidity. the snow melts around june, and summer is there underneath.


these people are obsessed with snow. pray for snow parties. never summer bumper stickers. spontaneous cheering around town on powder days. it's pretty damn infectious - i definitely cheered for this wednesday's epic snow.

i'm getting bolder on the mountain, skiing above the treeline a little, trying out some runs in the forest, and the payoff is spectacular. big sky has stolen my heart :)


march is busy in big sky.
working lots of overtime.
and all i want to do is ski.


(big sky on a point-and-shoot III)

underground dirtbag day last wednesday.
drink your breakfast.
don your oldschool skiwear.
ski through the trees.
sit in the snow.
watch braver souls hit the jump.
ski out of the forest and order pizza.


happy mardi gras!
these are from last fasching. i don't have plans yet for tonite, but i'm sure it won't be as colorful or as bizarre as last year!


send some positive energy to the parks budget, people.
it's no good when your livelihood depends on congress.


snowmobiling in yellowstone.
epic fun.