lots of tourists, lots of snow, and a big beautiful lake.


mount washburn 


there is no internet or phone reception at roosevelt lodge, so here is a summary of wyoming summer:

i live in a cabin next door to a super volcano.  we need to watch for buffalo chips on the way to the bathroom.  i wear and a bolo tie and men's jeans to work.  the employee dining room is full of wranglers and smells like horse.  my roommate thought yellowstone was a resort and showed up with a suitcase full of hair product and a collection of bedazzled headbands.  there has already been a rodeo and a hoe-down, and there are supposedly barn dances to come.  there's a bar in jackson hole with saddles for bar stools.  there is ample opportunity to wear my thrifted cowboy boots.

i think i love it here.    


theodore roosevelt national park, north dakota
livingston, montana


mill city.  mickey's diner.  mississippi river.  kinhdo dinner date.  stonearch bridge.  cedar riverside redux.