i'm working at the old faithful inn for the last five weeks of the summer.  old faithful is an entirely different animal.  roosevelt was small and rustic and often quiet.  here there are people everywhere, swarming the old faithful boardwalk, running around with geyser schedules, hoping to see things erupt, photographing everything.  

and there are amenities here that i had all but forgotten about - phone and internet and bike paths and a salad bar full of veggies!  

the hotel dining room is enormous.  i have been working nonstop since i got here and i'm feeling overwhelmed.  no time for adventuring in this new part of yellowstone like i wanted to.  but i will all be worth it come november - i need some mad money for the TRIP TO PUERTO RICO that i just booked!  bring on the beach!  


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Katherine! Those colors are AMAZING.