(big sky on a point-n-shoot)

i'm having a hard time taking pictures in the winter. if i take off my gloves, i will lose my fingers. and besides, i don't trust myself with a more valuable camera in tow. i'm not that great of a skier.

so my photos this winter will by grainy and blurry, and they will not do justice to this INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL PLACE.

i'm staring to love this town, despite a boring job and a condo that could be on an episode of "hoarders." i've thrown myself into skiing, sink or swim, on a pair of ugly old rentals i scored dumpster diving at work. there are 5,512 skiable acres in big sky...an average of two skiers per acre on the resort's busiest day. madness. and you can ski right off the PEAK at 11,166 feet.
finally! a way to get down mountains that is as exciting as climbing them! montana is paradise for an adrenaline junkie.

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